DivineBeauty along with some of its associates conducted non-clinical studies to compare DivineBeauty's RejuvaStamp Elite equipment and technique with micro-needle pens (9 and 12 Needle). A permanent makeup practice head was covered with plasticine. The micro-needle pen was used following the directions enclosed with the pen. (See diagram of woman's face.) The picture below shows the results of both needling pen techniques.

"Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation"

Advantages of RejuvaStamp™ (ECIT) Devices
RejuvaStamp vs Needle Rollers

DivineBeauty's RejuvaStamp ECIT procedure offers a cleaner, more uniform and efficient skin needling procedure. The needling roller was compared with the RejuvaStamp™ ECIT needle devices using a practice PMU head covered with Plasticine. The results are shown here in these pictures. Compare it for yourself.

The RejuvaStamp™ produces 6,000 to 7,000 insertions per minute, compared to needling pens which only produce 400 to 700.

These thousands of clean punctures produce unsurpassed results.

The image to the right shows a close-up of the needle pen moving in a circular path as directed in it's instruction leaflet.



Another test was conducted using the vertical insertion method used by RejuvaStamp. The micro-needling pen picture shows sporadic needling puncture size as well as gaps where there is no needling. This area was stamped 30 to 40 times. The picture of the procedure done with the RejuvaStamp Elite and needle device shows a clean, even needling. (Stamped 10 times)

DivineBeauty's RejuvaStamp Elite equipment and procedure illustrates a cleaner, more uniform treatment, which we believe will produce better results. There is less damage to the epidermis, which minimises the possibility of hyper-pigmentation and/or scarring. Uneven needling may cause inconsistant texture and tone in skin.

RejuvaStamp™ vs Needling Pens

The RejuvaStamp™ ECIT Procedure is Non-invasive

The RejuvaStamp™ ECIT procedure increases Collagen and Elastin in the skin. Keeping several important facts about the skin in mind has helped us create a device and procedure that clearly sets us apart from any other skin rejuvenation treatment. RejuvaStamp™ gives your clients confidence with their natural looking refreshed appearance.

The RejuvaStamp ECIT procedure is a non-invasive procedure designed to help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and pigmentation to name a few. It is performed using the RejuvaStamp™ ECIT Device which is designed for comfort and has almost no down-time, post procedure.

Our unique design and technique allows for a safe procedure that works from the inside out. The RejuvaStamp™ ECIT Device works beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen growth, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin, while keeping the epidermis in tact. There are fewer side effects, and a quicker healing time.

• The process is entirely natural
• Does not induce sun sensitivity
• Does not damage the skin
• Can be used on most skin types
• No risk of hypo or hyper-pigmentation
• Can be used on all areas of the body, where as lasers cannot
• Short healing time
• Minimal risks
• Cost effective
• Safe, reliable, effectiveand sterile devices

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