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Before & After RejuvaStamp™ ECIT

Acne Scars


After 1 Treatment



Chest and Decolette


After 2 Treatments

Electrolysis Burn

Before & After 3 treatments of the hole on side of the face
4 Treatments were performed every 6 weeks over a 6 month period.

the 1st and 3rd treatment included "Dry-Needling" into deep facial and neck wrinkles, where red lines are visible in photos of Kirsty's procedure. These red lines will be hardly visible by day 5 and mineral makeup may be worn from this time.

RejuvaStamp™ ECIT Case Study Kirsty by Beauty Ink in Perth, Western Australia

Before Treatment 18/08/2010. Treatments performed every
6 weeks.

3 weeks after 3rd ECIT treatment, the skin has re-texturized, eyelids have firmed and lifted significantly.
Deep furrow wrinkles are smoothing & notice the lift of the eyebrows. 25/12/2010
2 weeks after 4th ECIT treatment, the skin will continue tightening and firming, wrinkles will plump up for up to 12 months. See the smoothing of the top lip and naso labial folds. 06/02/2011
"I have been attending Beauty Ink for a range of treatments with Caroline Broes since June 2010. I have undertaken cosmetic tattooing of my upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows and I have had a course of deep skin needling and Electro Collagen Induction Therapy (ECIT).

In all my dealings with Caroline I have found her to be very professional and with a profound dedication to ensuring her clients get the most appropriate and effective treatment and to giving them the best possible results. She will readily take the time to explain all aspects of a particular procedure to ensure that clients have a realistic expectation of the results and a proper understanding of the process.

Once a treatment has been agreed upon Caroline will discuss in detail with her client exactly the results they are seeking and will tailor the procedure accordingly. She will explain each step of the process beforehand and then will give a step by step update as the procedure progresses. Caroline is meticulous in ensuring that her client comfort is given the highest priority and will regularly check with the client as to their comfort level and make adjustments wherever possible to make sure the client is at ease.

At the conclusion of each treatment Caroline provides a detailed set of aftercare instructions, as well as recommended products to support the post-treatment healing process. Although Caroline is happy to recommend support products, I never felt that there was any pressure to buy products from the salon and could have continued using my previous facial products if I had so wished. I have also found that if I had any questions after the treatment I could email or call the salon and Caroline or one of the other wonderful staff would give me an answer in the shortest possible time. Having such a wonderful support mechanism gave me an extra sense of security in undergoing treatments.

I am utterly thrilled with the results that have been achieved so far. The cosmetic tattooing has given me the look I have always wanted and now getting ready for the day is almost effortless. The deep needling and ECIT have made a pronounced difference to my skin texture and dramatically decreased the appearance of wrinkles and lines on my face and neck. The added bonus is that deep needling and ECIT stimulate the body to undertake a natural process of repair there are no artificial chemicals or damaging invasive techniques. The products recommended by Caroline and the Beauty Ink staff are beautiful to use, naturally based and really help support the skin to give the best possible results.

I would thoroughly recommend Caroline and the staff at Beauty Ink to anyone who is considering having beauty treatments. The care and consideration given to clients is second to none and the support both during and after treatments is exceptional. I will certainly be returning for other treatments the salon offers with no hesitations."

Kirsty - 27th February 2011

Testimonial from Kirsty in Perth, Western Australia

First off, I want to thank you Claire for doing what you do!!! And being who you are!! And I'm very fortunate that I found you when I did... Secondly this isn't just talk or misguided information. Well, you'll find that there is about 95% fakes and gimmicks out there to help with your cystic Acne problem and even most doctors are the actual fakes that really don't know how to fix you up. Rather they treat you with medicine that really in fact destroys you internally... I'm not knocking on doctor because they mean well; it's just the appropriate knowledge is absent.

Really and truly there is one alternative to helping your case with facial scars and that is RejuvaStamp. I haven't personally had any laser related treatment, however, how Claire helps you is totally pure. Internally & externally. As my treatments took place they were 100% painless.

You will find Claire not to be average - Rather proactive and professional. Whatever case and its severity, Clarie's got you covered. She will guide you in the direction of a clear face and Guarantee the results that you will find to bring you the happiness you've had before.

Quit wasting your time with antibiotics, creams, washes or whatever you're taking or using. The sooner you set your appointment up (or get your own kit), you'll be in the direction you should have been to begin with.

So, I found her on You Tube, and now she is a very good friend who helped me out with my problem. Again Claire all of my appreciation and Thanks!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Jarrod Bearden

Testimonial from Jarrod Beardon

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