"Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation"

DivineBeauty have developed high quality ECIT equipment for use by trained beauty professionals and physicians only. The RejuvaStamp™ Equipment Range has all the tools required to offer your patients or clients the latest, most natural way to skin rejuvenation.

"Electro Collagen Induction Therapy" with the RejuvaStamp™ is non-invasive and offers safer, more effective skin rejuvenation treatment. With it's unique vertical needling technology, RejuvaStamp ECIT needling devices penetrate the skin evenly and do not tear or damage the epidermis. Faster healing time and superior results are achieved for collagen and elastin production within the dermis, rejuvenating the skin for up to 12 months after treatment.

Professional Equipment Line

PROVEN and TRIALLED since 2008, RejuvaStamp™ is the world's first and ONLY Patent Pending Electric Skin Needling Sytem.

Machine & Devices
Made in the USA

Precision Needling Devices

RejuvaStamp™ ECIT (Electro Collagen Induction Therapy)
Is a non-invasive "ELECTRIC" Skin Needling System which offers:
• The fastest needling machine speed ~ quick effect results ~ 2500 to 6500 insertions per minute.
• Large professionally design devices to cover a larger areas quickly and easily.
• Precision Vertical Stamping ~ NO TEARING, NO RIPPING, NO SCARRING and NO DRAGGING
   as with hand-held rollers and small pen type machines.

RejuvaStamp™ Precision made devices DO NOT RIP, TEAR or DAMAGE SKIN.

We conducted a test using a clay like putty, which clearly proves the RejuvaStamp™ to give a far superior treatment as it punctures the skin evenly.

Facial, Face & Body and Ultimate Body are designed with 14 to 50 Needles at 0.25 gauge to deliver fast coverage and BEST Results.

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