"Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation"

Divine Beauty is on the cutting edge in the skin care industry. The latest and most up to date knowledge is how we are able to bring you a quality non-invasive skin care procedure and device. Electro Collagen Induction Therapy or 'Skin Needling' is promised to be as effective as laser resurfacing, dermabrasions and chemical peels; all without side effects and faster healing time. RejuvaStamp makes stretch mark and scar treatment safe and natural with great results. All products are made in the USA.
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The Natural Way to Skin Rejuvenation!

Welcome to DivineBeauty/RejuvaStamp. Hello friends. My name is Claire Marquez. I also suffered from acne, acne scars and also being over weight. I have felt the pain of horrible skin problems. I believe my purpose in creating DivineBeauty was to develop a procedure to help many with problematic skin. In my search for answers, I have faith my solution came straight from the Divine. The RejuvaStamp ECIT procedure was an inspiration to benefit young and old, men and women alike.

I had a hard time sharing my own before and after pictures - I felt a bit embarrassed. However, I wanted to connect with you so you could understand that I know your situation first hand, but I also know that this procedure gave me the results you see today. I have been there myself and I am here to offer you a genuine, natural solutions.

This was the passion behind DivineBeauty and RejuvaStamp's ECIT real true results.
Benefits of the RejuvaStamp™ Procedure
Smoothes wrinkles and expression lines
Improves skin texture and tightness
Improves skin pigmentation
Relaxes scars
Improves depressed acne scarring
Repairs smoker's lines
Improve crow's feet around the eyes
Improves stretch marks
Smoothes and tightens eyelid skin
May be performed on the whole face or in specific regions
Can be done in conjunction with other cosmetic operations
Replaces melanin in scars
Improve Hyperpigmentation
After just one treatment.


Improve Acne Scars

DivineBeauty's products are strictly for beauty and aesthetic purposes. DivineBeauty makes no medical claims on any of our products and/or procedures.

Why the RejuvaStamp™ System was created?

Before & After Pictures of the Founder of DivineBeauty

RejuvaStamp™ USA is seeking exclusive clinics and salons to offer this amazing cutting edge technology ECIT (Electro Collagen Induction Therapy) Professionals wanting the latest "Innovation in Skin Rejuvenation" visit our professional's page and submit your profile form for further information. This is the only patent pending "true" electro skin needling system in the world for all areas of the body!

Your Clinic / Salon cannot be without this technology!

DivineBeauty Distributorships

DivineBeauty is currently seeking exclusive distributors globally. Distributors are chartered to deploy their resources maximizing the tools and benefits available to them to better serve their customers.

DivineBeauty is committed to supporting all partners in growing their business, providing innovative beauty technology solutions and making it easier to do business. We believe DivineBeauty's ECIT technique and Devices to be the greatest innovation in skin rejuvenation!

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