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DivineBeauty's Home Skin Care (ECIT) Kits come with 3 essential products.

● Divine A&C Creme 2 oz. (60ml)
● Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse 2oz. (60ml)
● Maintain Topical Anesthetics 1oz. (30ml)

Ideally, the skin should be prepared for the procedure by using DivineBeauty's Divine A & C Cr­­­­ème three weeks prior to procedure. This technique will enhance a greater amount of healthy collagen production.

Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse
Thoroughly cleanse while feeding your skin, Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse - 93% Organic Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse is a hydrating and soothing cleanser for all skin types. Any skin will reap the benefits of the natural and unique combination of advanced ingredients that will thoroughly cleanse and feed your skin. Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse is composed of oils and fats which are complex compounds called triglycerides. All fatty acid molecules are lipophilic and hydrophilic. The action of these molecules allows product to break the surface tension and forces cleanser into the skin, allowing it to penetrate and remove the dirt and oils beyond the skin's surface.

Sun Alert: May increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. Use sunscreen, and limit sun exposure.

Divine A&C Crème
DivineBeauty's Divine A&C Crème is a synergetic combination of Rosehip & Hibiscus that is packed with vitamins, high in antioxidants, and increases collagen and elastin. Hibiscus extract with its antioxidant properties blends perfectly with the Rosehip Oil to create a synergetic (blend is better than individual ingredients) combination for all skin types. This crème is packed with vitamins for added skin care results.

Maintain Topical Anesthetics
This exclusive formula provides long lasting pain control that will help "Maintain" comfort throughout any (ECIT) procedure. Maintain is formulated as a gel for broken skin procedures to allow better skin penetration. This special formulation was made for DivineBeauty's (ECIT) kits. Taking blood safety in to consideration, we have added a light vascular constrictor to reduce bleeding during and control swelling.

DivineBeauty knows your face makes your first impression... we are truly excited to bring to you a refreshing approach

DivineBeauty knows men and women want procedures that are safe, effective, and create the appearance of youth and vitality. Our goal is to restore a more youthful look the natural way by helping to reverse the appearance of ageing and sun damage from the inside out.

The New DivineBeauty Alchemy organic vegan skin care system keeps your skin healthy, and healthy is beautiful. Our products cleanse, dissolve airborne pollutants and free radicals, remove dead cells, and attract moisture. DivineBeauty has formulated the Alchemy line to enhance the rejuvenating effects of the RejuvaStamp ECIT procedure.

DivineBeauty has created an organic skin care system that minimizes fine lines and repairs skin damage, as well as improves your skin's texture and elasticity.

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RejuvaStamp™ (ECIT) Accessories

Small ECIT Facial Disc
Price: $70.00

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Medium ECIT Body Disc II
Price: $80.00

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Universal ECIT Device Handle
Price: $50.00

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DivineBeauty ECIT Essential Products

Divine A&C Crème


KickStart Topical Anesthetics


Maintain Topical Anesthetics


Aloe Essence Divine Cleanse Face Wash


RejuvaStamp™ (ECIT) Regular Home Face Kit

Home Face Kit     Disclaimer
Price: $215

RejuvaStamp™ (ECIT) Regular Home Body Kit

Home Body Kit     Disclaimer
Price: $220

Essential (ECIT) Skin Care Products by DivineBeauty

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